Benefits of Moringa oleifera

Growing Moringa from seeds

There are several means you can grow Moringa from its seeds. You could soak Moringa seeds for few a week or the moment the pod is dry and put them directly into the ground or in pottery. Moringa tree originated from northern India but due to their nourishing value and speedy growth in temperate zones, its popularity has spread to the rest of the planet.

To plant Moringa seeds in the ground

It is wise to plant the seeds suitably where the tree is intended to grow. These steps should be followed carefully when planting Moringa seeds in the ground and they contain :

Selecting an area with sandy and light ground. Do not use clay or moist soil

Verify that the hole that you mean to put the seed is a foot (30 cm) deep and width. Tamp straight back the free soil (avoid filling the hole with compacted soil as they are able to prevent the seeds from sprouting nicely ). It is possible to add manure to make the Moringa tree grow better although they are able to also flourish nicely in their development even in poor ground.

Put three or four more seeds and confirm the space between them is about 5 cm

Water the seeds extensively and ensure the region where you have planted them has enough light and warm temperatures at the same time to keep the topsoil moist. However, you should avoid to over saturating the soil as the seeds will drown

When the saplings reach 4 to 6 inches tall, they can be healthy and more likely to live. Remove those who don’t reach this height and keep the ones that reach these heights. Young saplings are more prone to termites and nematodes and they do not endure when impacted by them.

Notice : for heavier soils, compensate by making a deeper hole of about 3 ft and wider diameter of around 90 centimeters and include manure and partly light sand

To plant Moringa seeds in plastic bags

It is not always possible to put Moringa seeds directly to the soil and when planting the seeds in plastic bags, use these steps :

Add mild soil mixture to the tote.

Plant 2 to three seeds in one plastic bag with a depth of 05 cm.

Water the seeds crops in the bag but avoid keeping them too wet to avert them from being drowned. The seeds will sprout within the next two weeks.

Remove the fine seedlings and leave only one in each plastic bag

After 4 to 6 months, you are able to transplant the seedlings when they are 2 to 3 ft tall.

Transplant them in watered holes and later in the day or late afternoon in order to avoid the scorching day sun.

Water them lightly within the 1st couple of days.

The above processes are extremely helpful in putting Moringa seeds and within its first year, the tree can grow to a peak of three meters.